Pho Ketkeo is the first authentic Laotian Restaurant to open up in downtown New Haven.  It started when two best friends, Ketkeo and Wanla, spent their weekends cooking meals for their family.  They began to share dishes they've learned throughout the years and decided to open up a restaurant together.  They set out to open a family restaurant where people of all cultures could sit down together and enjoy a meal. Their star dish is a Laotian-style Pho which is a noodle soup with a deep bone broth that simmers for hours to ensure maximum flavor and richness.  We also offer many other Laotian staples including sticky rice!

At Pho Ketkeo, we want you to experience the foods that we grew up with. Always made from scratch with fresh ingredients.  Let us be your home away from home! Come taste some of the dishes Laos and Thailand have to offer, we're sure you'll love it!